PCL Franchise Enterprise Limited –  Working together to provide innovative building solutions

The PCL Franchise is a unique business and lifestyle opportunity we are offering in selected geographical areas of the United Kingdom. Individuals and/or businesses working within a similar industry (or, as importantly, from outside of the industry) have a genuine opportunity to develop a highly profitable business. We enable you to provide customers within your allocated territory with a range of our high quality, bespoke, energy efficient roofing systems coupled with a range of ancillary product items, SIP Panel extensions and innovative building related products. The key to our continued success is that we provide a quality of product, service and support to all of our customers that ensures we regularly obtain referral and recommendation opportunities month-on-month. Our product portfolio also allows for repeat business opportunities.

when you buy our franchise you buy a system or business method that really works

The uniqueness of this Franchise opportunity is that it has real legs (staying power) and can allow a
Franchisee to grow and diversify their business through a fully agreed and controlled business development strategy, utilising a range of our bespoke products within their allocated territories. Ultimately through our
Franchising network we are offering a whole house approach, from a replacement solid energy efficient roof through to a complete single storey extension. Significantly our Franchisees can choose what level of Franchise they wish to own and tailor the business accordingly.